We're proud to be a longstanding supporter of student photographers. Through our program, full-time students at accredited schools receive reduced rentals and select discounts on equipment, plus discounts on traditional photography film, papers and chemicals. We also offer tours, provide product and industry information, and sponsor student shows, because we're dedicated to helping students begin their careers, grow their talent and become part of our vibrant photographic community. Stop in to learn more.

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Assistants are critical in the photographic community. You’re the multi-taskers who keep the photographers sane, the ones behind the scenes who ensure a smooth process. And often, you’re future photographers.

We want to know who you are, recognize your role, and serve as a resource to help you succeed in the industry. Through our program, you’ll receive great discounts on digital printing, digital supplies, rental and more.

Stop in the store, introduce yourself, and we'll get you started with a membership card. We also welcome suggestions about what can help you do your job better.

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